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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  November 17, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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a teen is kidnapped by four men... and raped along this busy street ii baltimooe county.the suspects you need to be on the lookout for this morning. using tampons to way teens are getting a buzz.. and how this new fad... can &pkill. place the ring on her hand.. and.. it's never too late for love.weemeet the couple.. with a combined age of 179... that 3 3 -inner harbor
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17th. is thursday, november - 3- old courttmap
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peanwhile... his morning police arr looking for clues in two rapeeccses in baltimore ccty.... and both have striking both cases... the attacker entered the home through an unlocked first floor window and covered theeeyes of the victtm durrng the attacks.the first one happened in waverly, a week pgo...the second one, on sunday morninggin reservoir hill.police hhpe d-n-a evidence will help lead them toothe attacker. new details this morning... concerning an a-t-f chase that led to gunfirre... and ended with a ccash ii south baltimooe. baltimore. federal documents show it was an undercover oeratiin. the peration involved the a-ttf and a group of men who were on their way to commit a phme invasion and armed robbery. they federal agents say ttey were going to steal a supply of of a exican drug cartel.... but agents moved in.....aftee suspectt met with an undercover agent. take &pa look at this. the suspects tried to et away
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in a white s-u-v.. they jumped the grass, barreled through a parking lott. then crashed into a pole.before finally crashing on patapsco avenue. investigatorr say the suspectt bailed out.. started shooting and no one was hurt. agents grabbed all six suspects. the whole &pthing started in the parking lot of a storage unit..... security cameras at a store next door captured the chase. (mmr shin))"i was right outside, i heard something weird sound.. iiwas scared and then i look around, all of the police officers have gear on.. and chasing him...." him...." investiiators say alllof the suspects have lengghy criminal records. dawron mason, tte driver of that white s-u-v, was charged in 2009... with attempted first degree murder. occupy baltimore protesters aren't leavingganytime soon, despite being t mckeldin square... illegaaly. illegally.even though city leaders admit camping is
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banned at mckeldin square, they've allowed tte protesters to stay... while othhr cities across the country have given occupiers the "boot."when assed if baltimorr will follow suit and start evicting protesters... mayor stephaniee rawliings blake says there's po deadline, right now. (9:30:48) (mayor) "therees no deadlines. we know the direction we're peading. i've asked the tents be removed and we'll deal with that at a time of our choosing " reaaly..... peaaeful end to the ampsite. we are the 99%,,we are the 99% 99%"occupy" protesters are calling for a national day of action todaa... to celebrate the tww-mmnth anniversary of the "occupy wall street" country are expected to host rallies... n honorrof the anniversary.earlier this week... protesters in new york's zuccotti park were cleared out by police... leaving them without a
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permanent plaae to organize. 3 3 alleged victims in the penn state sex abuse scandal is speaking out publicly for the first time.tommy anddes as the emotional story. story. "i want jerry sandusky to go "victim nnmber one" in the grand jury report against the football coach spoke on the cooper.she says herrson's pchhol questioned the boy after she complained about sandusky taking hhm out of class without her peemission. "they told me my son had said somm things that there was a problee with jerry, he didn't peally admit anything at that point, he just said he nneded to tell someone oo it would get worse.""thee the principal said oh, you know, jerry has a
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hhart of gold.""i said it three timee, call the police right now. they said no, i needed to think about the ramifications about whattwould hhppen if i did that." (what do yyu think they meant by ttat?) i don't know, i assume what we're going through right now..also wednesdaa, sandusky's attorney clarified his client's admission on national t-v that heessowered with oys."it wasn't a situatiin where he was within inches of the young boys involved, it was a situation where he was in a laage lockkr room shower."and governor tom of the case.he was pennsylvania's attooney general when the investigation was handed over to he state you hinkki delayed it for any reasons, you're wrong."i'm tommy andres repprting. the school system has responded to allegations by alleged victii numbbr one's reads quote - "due to the ongoing nature of the investigation and prosecution
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of jerry sanduuky... it would peystone central school district to provide any comment in this regard at this time. nnnethelees... the keystone central school continue to beefully cooperative with authorities pn this matter." to oversee thh case of former - &pcoach jerry sandusky.the fire... after it was e under discovered she volunteered for his charity, the second mile.a senior judge from an outside county has now been chosen to preside over the preliminary hearing next month.he has no known ties to sandusky. meanwwiie...sandusky'' charity haa come under fire for soliciting contributions... without ever ttlling dooors he was being investigated for child molestation.penn state officials informed the secood mile charity as early as 2002 of allegations.but everal t - donors have come ffrward saying they didn't knoo thousand dollars or more in 2000 and 2010.
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and penn state.... denyiiggany former coach joe paterno frrm were swirling that the statue - would be taken down dduing was fired amid criticism for not repooting the sex abuse allegations to police.thh big ten has since decided to connerence's championship trrphy. the ssarch is on right now foo 4 young men... who police say kidnapped a 15-year old girl location wwere oneeof them raped happened ii woodla. woodlawn... megan gilliland is live there now where police are asking for your help. help.good morning patrice, we're live on woodlawn drive... thhs is a main road... surrounded by bussinesses and traffic.but young men from kidnaping a teenage irl here in broad dayl. daylight.police ssy it happened around 3-p-m on nnvember the 15-
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year-old was walking along &pwoodlawnndrive.we''eetold she was approacheddby four young one of them showed a ssdan. - handgun... orced the girl in the car... and coveree her eyes.police say they then drove to another location possibly in baatimore city... whhre one f the suspects raped the girl in tte car a while later, the suspects drooe her back near where they found her.theevictim tells wearing a rill n his front teeth... wiih diamond or sseila hughes/works nearby: 33:31 if he has the teeth like that. oh somebody will see him. somebody will know 36 36:32 theyywas around here &sea see ho it was, who they can find, they predators. need to ggt em 38 sketch... in addition to the grille on his teeth the black man with a light complexion... about 5 foot 10... with hazel eyes... and a of tte man carrring the gun... man abouu 558... medium build.
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investigators say he otherr two were wearing ski-masks. anyynn with information... should call baltimore county police right away.livv in fox45 orning news. the italian fashion linn pulling a controversial ad... pope kissing an imam.e of the the many shocking images the - also photoshopped images of ppesideet obama kissing venezuelan president hugo chavez... and the iiraeli priie minister kissing the palestinian president. alessandro benetton... ssys there's a reason behind phe ads. p:14 ""oday with hii campaign, ww want to createea new energy toward tolerance, respecting the others, and finding the elements in elements that separate you
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from the thers." others."the company says the messages are meant to promote love... and world peace. an unusual sight for drivers along one arizona highway... after a dog gets officers are seeing chhsing it... with their motorcycles. the dog apparently freed itself from a car... after getting into an accident. officers eventtully ccrnered the dog on a median... and returned it to its owner. coming up on the early edition... áyouá arr footing this big bill! bill!i ddnnt know wwy baltimore cityyis spending millions of dollars to settle lawsuits brought against city pplice officers.... why ttee payout ...and why the problem is getting worse! worse! a suspected tornado is
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being blamed for this mess in downed trees and debbrs scatter accoss york county person is reported dead. rescuing others from flattenee homes.the national weather service is working to the ddmage. (((-shot toss to weather)) 3
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((ad lib meteorolooist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) pap 175 map 29 map fiber map
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3 3 3 how about wwking p áhereá instead?you could be soon flying to the bahamas... for fr. pree..t's our "baltimore to the bahamas" contest... courtesy of fox45 and vision aiilines is &pnow offering non-stop flights from baltimore to the bahamass our grand prize winner will
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get two aiiline tickett and a 4-day 3-nnght stay at the grand ucayan ahamas. bahamas.stay tuned for your phis morning.. we will give you today's codeword.once you see that codewood.. gooto our facebook page.. and ccick on "inside ox45" tooenter.we'll then draw our grand prize you can find aal the rules on still to come... chrysler driiing ahead with plans to hire more employees. automakkr is looking to fill. filllit seems the department needs to be doing a better job witt training it's officers in how to respond to a situatio. situation.but first... baltimore city's purse strrngs are tight...but thhy're paying millions in settlemeets ...settling lawwuits against city police much taxpayers are paying... andd phhythe problem isn't getting ((bump out)) ((break 2))
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with money ight... millions of dollars to settle lawsuits brought aaainst city police officers.... accused in &pmany cases of usiig excessive force.. as crime and jussice repprter joy lepola tells us... one defense attorney ssys ... the problem is getting worse instead oo bette. ((pkg)) (pettitt13:15:35 we average 25 to 30 calls a ffrce just in this office. and, defense attorney dwight pettit says tts only getting worse.(pettit) 13:21:16 i think it's really gotten to the point in baltimore city that were liiing in an extreme
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dangerous situation in terms of police relationships with its citizens since 2009... the baltiiore city police 3 department has paid out... to settle lawsuits filld against officers ccussd mostly of using excessive force.(nilson) 9:28:20 you look at the numbers and they're pretty steady and ttey're not eeen close to the nnmbers that you see in ajor ciiies like new york and chicago nd phhlidelphia. still, it's enoouh to concern called a special hearing on the matter. 9:29:21 (nilsonn it's just here arr more cases because there are more interaction between the police department and folks on the street that lead to lawsuitt. (dwight)13:14:44 what about the bad police officers thaa's whht is generating the problem marta mossburg is with the maryland public policy institute.(maata))14:20:04 i don't know why ttxxayers re paying for this ... it seems the department needs to bee doing a better job with training it's officers in how
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to rrspond to a situation. while the department says cchnges have been made innits training... the amount the fox 45 news at en. out has - before ttis yearr.. tte budgeted for the illions it paid out to settle lawsuits. straight ahead... hitting the road for the whopping number oil is ... a ba. barrel.and a bank is boostinn may jobs t-d bank plans to fill and where. ((break 3))
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3q my name is ashley. i was using cascade actionpacs. they just didn't have that spot free look. when i took the finish challenge, i could tell there was a difference. my dishes had a shine on them. i'm moving on to finish quantum. take the finish challenge for yourself. if you don't see a difference, it's free. target ii hitting their marks....
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gas prices are down but not for long... and as elizabeth macdonald reports... a bbnk is actually áaddingá to tteir paaroll. 3
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15 trillion and counting...the u.s. nattonal debt topping 15 trillion dollars for the irst time ever.that works out to about 48-thousand per person. meantime those falling gas soon.tighttsupplies and a away spike in demand....sending oil over 100 bucks a barrel.could be rough news for millions of americans getting ready to hit the road for thh thanksgivinn holiday.and how about this...a bank...adding jobs.t-d bank planning to hire 16-hundred new workers in south carolina. plans to hire more employees.- the bailed-out auttmaker investing 500 million dollarss at a jeep factory in ohio... and adding 11-hunnerd workers to run the assembly liies.andd target... is on target.sales says offeeing five pprcent discounts for purchasess ade with arget ccrds are paying oof.thaa's business. i'm liz macdonald. coming up...
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a very diiturbing new trend teees are doing to get drunk áfasterá.the áunnsualá thing they're using... to help them. them. 3 3 3 3
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